Because Indians love to overreact! New victim – Coldplay

It’s not racist when you show a brown person as a brown person, it’s racist, when the brown person wants to be portrayed as a white person.


Let me explain how fake patriots and how big hypocrites people are in this country. They¬†hate everything which they think doesn’t paint the typical Western image of the country, but unfortunately for them, it’s not west and it’s not exotic. Why would a foreign band or a movie director come to India and show Starbucks if that’s what they have in abundance on their streets? If their everyday life is a luxury in India then wouldn’t showing that be more insulting?
I mean, do the people who are reacting turn a blind eye to every beggar they see on street just because it paints a poor image? Isn’t that the reality? Most of the people who are reacting haven’t moved an inch to make this place any better. Most of us contribute towards the hazardous pollution we face and if someone foreign to us talks about it, we cry foul. If a documentary has been made on a heinous rape which resulted in an uprising movement and by some western media and people appreciate the movement as inspiring you cry foul because the rapist’s sexist mentality is revealed even though a lot of people in the country share the same sexist ideology. Isn’t it true? How does proving someone else a hypocrite cover your flaws? And how does BBC, a media house, define the whole Western Europe and US making a collective effort in conspiring against India’s growth out of insecurity?
On the other hand, we make movies where every foreigner is shown as a fool and those scenes are accompanied with whistles and celebrated heavily in forms of jokes and Whatsapp forwards. Similarly, when in the movie 2012, they say that an Indian scientist built it or in Rang De Basanti a British movie director takes inspiration from some Delhi guys we celebrate it with pride. There’s so much wrong with our nationalism. You would take pride in fictional characters, in NRIs of Indian-origins who had nothing to do with India based on achievements but discard every negativity following the suit of individualism and “please don’t stereotype!”
Basically you want your country to be portrayed as UK even though it is way behind and nowhere near in terms of quality of life and you still expect a British band to feel exotic? How is that warranted?
Coming to the important part, Coldplay showed positive feeling, they showed colors and joy in suburbs of Bombay, read it as most of the Bombay. They showed the much celebrated (sarcasm) Indian culture (which is only used to prohibit every fundamental right from being practised). They showed content and satiation and the song had a similar feel. It was a feeling of independence, of joy, of celebration, of colors, of festivity and yet you somehow dragged negativity out of it. India, whose 75% population is rural wants to be portrayed watching movies in multiplexes with popcorns. Let me tell you this, your demand is exotic for most of the Indian population, not the Western Europeans or Americans.

On a lighter note, people are asking why that Sadhu Baba stereotyping footage was used and why Sonam Kapoor’s footage was cut short? Well, in this country, people can’t say a word against Sadhu Babas without landing into trouble and mock Sonam Kapoor everyday. So, stop being a hypocrite. This article puts a lot into perspective –


Sporting Rivalry and Jingoism

India just defeated Pakistan for the 6th time in the Cricket World Cup. It’s 6 wins out of 6, for purely sporting reasons it makes me happy but is totally overshadowed by the useless mocking of the nation associated which is beyond sports. There will be mocking, sporting rivals call for “rubbing it in the opponent’s face” traditionally and is acceptable to a sporting extent. But, when the rivalry is associated with something more and becomes a part of the derision it’s at least uncalled for.
A lot of Indians, considering recent form were realistically expecting India to lose the match but the comprehensive win pumped them up so match that many of them are ready to give it in writing that Pakistan can never beat India in a World Cup match. They are pumped up and it’s explicable but the emotions running so deep that people start making fun of Pakistan as a nation considering their social, moral, political and economic predicament is something where ideally a line needs to be drawn. That’s just general public, you can expect such reactions but when Indian media invites Pakistani media for conferencing so that both of them can make fun of each other and after the victory Indian media can deride them as a cricket team, their media and as a nation, it’s beyond unprofessional, it’s inexplicable.

As a humanitarian, the state of affairs in Pakistan troubles me. A lot of people, especially in the aftermath of this win might call my statements sympathizing with Pakistan in way, an act of sedition but if a winning a sporting event where you had no role to play is your patriotism which is so extreme that you can’t stop yourself from mocking other humans who didn’t have any role to play in the sporting event either and are just somehow surviving in a dire state then I can totally understand why my statements will be considered sedition by you.

For once, I would be happy to see some positive non-sporting emotions like humanity become a part of sports. For instance, if an Indian feels happy if Pakistan wins the world cup, considering that it would provide moral and some financial boost to their country. That’s a long shot! But, among the brouhaha on social media, this image published by a leading newspaper is very encouraging.